Bell Ringer 3

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Name:__________________________________________________________Date:_________________Period:_____ Europe Day 3 Quiz Matching - write the letter of the term on the appropriate line ______1. Includes freedom of religion A. Panama Canal B. Culture ______2. Way of life for a group C. 1st Amendment D. 10th Amendment ______3. Limits the power of the federal government, gives some to the states ______4. Connects travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Multiple Choice - select the most appropriate answer _____5. How does the Baltic Sea impact Nordic countries? A. Allows for communism to exist B. Allows for a traditional economy C. Allows for trade in the region D. Allows for culture to remain unchanged _____6. Which physical feature that allows for easier trade starts in the southern part of Germany and extends east? A. The Alps B. Danube River C. Atlantic Ocean D. North Sea All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC

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Geography Questions - select the most appropriate answer B D C A __________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____7. Which letter correctly identifies France? A. A B. B C. C D. D _____8. Which letter correctly identifies Great Britain? A. A B. B C. C D. D All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC