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Name:__________________________________________________________Date:_________________Period:_____ Europe Day 14 Quiz Matching - write the letter of the term on the appropriate line ______1. Supported a stronger government to establish safety A. Judicial review B. Federalists ______2. Supreme Court declares laws unconstitutional C. Economy D. John Locke ______3. Said governments exist by the consent of the governed ______4. Money Multiple Choice - select the most appropriate answer _____5. Vatican City is led by the Roman Catholic Pope, and is therefore an example of a(n) - A. oligarchy B. dictatorship C. democracy D. theocracy _____6. The Holocaust occurred during World War II under Adolf Hitler’s leadership, and 12 million people - A. found jobs B. joined the military C. were murdered D. promoted peace All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC

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