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Name:__________________________________________________________Date:_________________Period:_____ Europe Day 13 Quiz Matching - write the letter of the term on the appropriate line ______1. Belief governments do what the people vote for A. Politics B. Columbian Exchange ______2. Rights, laws, leaders C. Unalienable rights D. Consent of the governed ______3. Received at birth, includes: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness ______4. Movement of goods and people between Africa, Americas, and Europe Multiple Choice - select the most appropriate answer _____5. During the Industrial Revolution in Europe, machines did the work that people once did, and _______ worked long hours in factories under unsafe conditions. A. African slaves B. Women and children C. Latin American immigrants D. Farmers _____6. Germany, Italy, and Japan were at war with Britain, France, the United States, and the Soviet Union during - A. The Depression B. The Industrial Revolution C. World War II D. The Enlightenment All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC

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