Barbados Revolt


Barbados Revolt Complete the Barbados Revolt Quiz 1. The leader of the slave rebellion in Barbados____________________ 2. The slave that went from plantation to plantation organizing the revolt____________________ 3. The Barbados revolt is also known as _________________________ 4. Barbados is in the __________________________ 5. The Barbados Revolt took pace in _____________________ 6. Barbados was a ______________________colony 7. The first British colony to produce sugar ____________________ 8. The three main causes for the Barbados Revolt were ___________________ ______________________and ________________________ 9. The bill that was imposed to prevent the illegal importation of African slaves____________________ 10. Some elite slaves were ________________, _________________, ______________ and ___________________ 11.The revolt lasted for ____________days 12. The Barbados revolt stared in ___________________Parish/ 13.The slaves thought that they would get help from ___________________ 14. Bussa became a National _______________in Barbados 15.The revolt started on _______________________ night

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