Unit 1- Science3 Study Note


Name Lesson 1 Summary Use with pp. 7–9 Lesson 1: What are the main parts of a plant? Vocabulary system a set of parts that work together What All Living Things Need The leaves change carbon dioxide and Most living things need food, air, water, water into sugar. The plant uses the sugar and space to live and grow. Plants and to live and grow. When leaves make sugar, animals have needs. Animals need to eat they also make a gas. This gas is called plants or other animals for food. Plants can oxygen. Oxygen goes out of the plant make their own food. To make their food, through the same tiny holes in the leaves. plants need energy from the Sun. Plants Other Ways Leaves Help Plants also need air, water, and soil. Most plants Leaves help plants get the water they have four main parts. These parts are need. Sometimes plants get too much leaves, roots, stems, and flowers. water. When this happens, the plant lets Why Plants Need Leaves some water out through the tiny holes in its A plant’s leaves make up its leaf system. leaves. Some plants that live in dry places A system is made up of parts that work have leaves covered with wax or fuzz. This together. Leaves are different shapes and helps the plant keep the water in. sizes. They make food for plants. The food Some plants have leaves that are they make is a kind of sugar. poisonous, sharp, or tough to chew. This Leaves use sunlight, carbon dioxide, helps protect the plants from bugs or and water to make food. Carbon dioxide animals that might eat it. is a gas in the air. Carbon dioxide goes into the leaves through tiny holes in the leaves. Water from the soil enters the plant through the plant’s roots and stems. © Pearson Education, Inc. 3 2 Chapter 1, Lesson 1 Summary Quick Study

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