Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Worksheet GG

  1. Science
  2. 3 Grade
  3. Cory Beck
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Name: ___________________________ Date: ___________________________ GENIUSCHALLENGE BALANCED & UNBALANCED FORCES 1. What 2 things do all forces have? _________________________________________________________________ 2. When playing tug of war and neither side moves, forces are… a. unbalanced b. balanced c. multiplied d. unequal 3. In tug of war, when one team moves toward the other, what can be said about the forces? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. When floating a ping-pong ball with a hairdryer, which two forces are balanced? Force pulling down: ____________________________ Force pushing up: ________________________________ 5. If the hairdryer was put on full power, what would happen? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. When Dr. Jeff jumps on a skateboard and uses the fire extinguisher to move, which of these does he change to move BACK to where he started? a. amount of force b. type of force c. direction of force d. skateboard wheels 7. True or false: balanced forces are important for a hover board to float. _________________________________ 8. In Zoe’s egg drop experiment, which two forces are balanced that keep the egg from moving before she hits the pan? 1. ______________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 9. True or false: the downward motion of the egg in Zoe’s experiment is due to unbalanced forces. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. When Izzy applied a force to the golf ball, it went in the right direction, so why didn’t it go in the hole? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ © 2018 Generation Genius, Inc. Worksheet by Generation Genius © 2019