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Online Assessment Practice Name: Put these words in alphabetical order. 1. cloud home bread table 2. rat mouse bird ant Choose one word which rhymes with the one shown. 1. mat 2. sun Choose the correct word from the box to complete the sentences below. monkey sings ice cream 1. The __________ is very cold. 2. My __________ eats bananas. 3. The bird __________ sweetly. Addition Subtraction Tens Ones Tens Ones 3 0 9 7 + 2 6 - 4 5 ____________ ___________

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Read the questions below. Fill in the correct numbers and sign and work out the answer. I have twelve apples and ten pears. How many fruits do I have in all? Tens Ones I bought twenty-seven cupcakes. I gave away fourteen. How many cupcakes do I have left? Tens Ones Read these numbers and write the digits in the correct column. Tens Ones a) ______ ______ thirty-six b) ______ ______ twenty Name the place value of the red digit. Is it tens or ones? 59 __________ 60 __________