1. Arts
  2. 8 Grade
  3. By Machelyn Gonzales
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Western Bicutan National High School Grade 8 Arts (Let’s Evaluate Week 1-2) Name:_______________________________Grade and Section:_________________ Written below are descriptions of the arts and crafts of China, Japan and Korea. A “Word Pool” is given on the next page which contains the word/s that match the descriptions. Choose the correct answer inside the box. Woodblock Printing Chinese Calligraphy Korean Drum Face Painting Chinese Painting Korean Theater Mask Origami K-pop Kumadori Japanese Theater Mask Manga Anime Paper Crane Paper _______________________1. Play an important part in traditional Korean music, ranging from folk music to royal court music. ______________________2. Each represents a certain person, hero, devil ghost, and legendary animal. ______________________ 3. The art of beautiful hand writing in China. ______________________ 4. Refers to all kinds of cartooning, comic and animation. _______________________5. A style of traditional theater that includes music, dance and drama. _______________________6. A genre of popular music. _______________________7. Originated with religious meaning just like the masks of other countries which also have religious or artistic origins. _______________________8. A technique for printing text, Images or pattern used widely throughout East Asia. _______________________9. One of the oldest artistic traditions in the world. _______________________10. A hand- drawn and computer animation. _______________________ 11. The art of paper folding. _______________________ 12. The best known Japanese Origami. _______________________ 13. Painted faces of Japanese Kabuki Theater. _______________________ 14. Kami means____. _______________________ 15. Japanese term for paper folding.