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  1. English
  2. 3 Grade
  3. Christina Robinson
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Decoding Name Words with /âr/ and /îr/ > Read each sentence. Look at the word choices under the sentence. Write the correctly spelled word in the blank. 1. The sky was blue with no clouds. clear        clere 2. I need a new of socks because my old ones have        holes. pare pair 3. The baby at my glasses. stared        staired 4. Please tell your sister to come . here        heer 5. I out the window to see who was coming up the        street. peired peered 6. That sure is a hat you’re wearing. weard        weird 7. Little statues of a bride and groom stood on the top        of the wedding cake. tier tere 8. We watched a special show about the lives of . bears bares        9. did Jenna and Lily go?        Whear Where 10. Liam made it to school on time.        neirly nearly Grade 3 136 Module 6 • Week 3 © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.