Answering the different situations.

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  2. Imperia Vargas
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Complete Name: Date: November 5th, 2021. Instructions: Read the situations below, then write your own answers. How many ideas can you think of? Example: Josh saw someone in a parked car throw litter out of the window. He picked it up and threw it right back into the car. Should he have thrown it back in? What else could he have done? Answer: He shouldn't have thrown it in the car. He could have picked up the litter to throw it into a trash can. 1. Sofia was late for a meeting because she slept late. She called the office and told them she had gotten tie-up in the traffic. What other excuse could she have made? Should she have told the truth? Answer: 2. Dan was in a parking lot. He saw a driver accidentally hit another car. The driver left thinking that no one had seen him. What could Dan have said? What should the driver have done? Answer: Esta foto de Autor desconocido está bajo licencia CC BY-NC