Anicent Rome and The Roman Empire Test

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Name ____________________ Date ____________________ Chapter 7: Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire Directions: Match the definition with the correct vocabulary term. 1. An ancient Roman ruler A. Caesar B. Consul 2. Governing body of ancient Rome C. Representative D. Senate 3. Person elected to serve in the government E. Tribunes 4. Men who protected the rights of the plebeians 5. Official who managed the government and army 6. Punish someone for their beliefs A. Apostle B. Catacomb 7. Disciple that helped Jesus preach C. Disciple D. Persecute 8. Leader of the Roman Catholic Church E. Pope 9. One of a small group of people that followed Jesus 10. Under ground burial chamber where early Christians worshipped Directions: Select the letter of the best answer. 11. Rome formed around the banks of what river? A. Nile B. Tiber C. Tigris D. Mississippi 12. Which statement describes early Roman religion? A. Their gods were pharaohs B. The Romans did believe in a god C. Their gods needed human sacrifices D. Their gods and goddesses were similar to the Greeks gods and goddesses 13. What official language of the Romans has influenced the English language we use today and other languages around the world? A. Latin B. Greek C. Italian D. Spanish

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