Angklung Formative Assessment

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IDENTIFICATION Instructions: Identify the different parts of the Angklung. (3 pts. each correct answer) FILL IN THE BLANKS Instructions: Read each statement or question below carefully and fill in the blank(s) with the correct answer. 1. When tuned in the West Javanese scales the angklung is known as _____________ or _________. 2. The year __________ was the time where angklung instruments were treated as toys for children. 3. The Angklung in the year ____________ serves as the primary instrument used by beggars to attract passersby's attention. 4. The development of angklung education is ___________ transmitted from one generation to the next generation. 5. _______________ is a musical instrument that originates in Indonesia composed of two or four bamboo tubes that are suspended in a bamboo frame and tightened with rattan cords.

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