Ancient Japan and African Trading Vocabulary Quiz

  1. History
  2. 6 Grade
  3. Jamie Mincey
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Ancient Japan and African Trading Vocabulary Quiz Directions: Choose the best answer to fill in the blank in each question from the drop down menu. 1. The oldest African trading kingdom was # 1-4 Choices _________. A. samurai B. isolation 2. The capital of Songhai was _________. 3. A _________ was a warrior in ancient Japan. They had to C. Ghana follow a very strict code of loyalty. D. Gao 4. Japan did not allow foreigners into the country nor did they allow their citizens to travel outside of their country. This policy is known as the Policy of _________. 5. _________ was the capital of Mali. We use its name today # 5-8 Choices as a reference to something that is very far away and remote. A. shogun 6. The capital of Ghana was _________. B. savanna 7. Lions and elephants may be spotted wandering around the C. Timbuktu _________. There is lots of grass for them to eat there. However, there are only a few trees. D. Koumbi Saleh 8. A _________ was a military leader and governor who ruled Japan. 9. If you wanted to trade goods or go to learn, you would want to # 9-12 Choices go to _________. A. aristocrat 10. _________ was an African trading kingdom that was B. daimyo defeated by Morocco. C. Mali 11. An _________ was a member of the upper class of society. 12. A _________ was a very powerful samurai. They would have D. Songhai controlled many other samurai warriors and governed large areas of Japanese farmland.