All about frankenstein

  1. English
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  3. Zora Sherman
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FRANKENSTEIN F rankenstein is a character from the novel, Frankenstein, or A Modern Prometheus, published in 1818 by Mary Shelley. In the book, a scientist tries to reanimate a body using electricity. Once given life, the monster tries to relate to humans, but because of his appearance, people fear him and act hostile toward him, no matter how hard he tries to fit in. Eventually, the monster vows revenge on Dr. Frankenstein for bringing him to life, only to be mistreated by other humans. In the end, the story leaves readers wondering who is scarier: the monster, or the man who created him? WHAT‛S IN A NAME? THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Despite what most people think, the The Industrial Revolution was a period in American and European monster‛s name is not Frankenstein. history when technology started to become an important part of life The scientist who created him is for most people. Instead of goods being handmade and sold by small named Frankenstein; the more shops or directly by the makers, products began to be manufactured accurate name for the famous in factories and mass-produced.The Industrial Revolution brought character is Frankenstein‛s monster. about many important scientific advancements, but caused some citizens to worry that technology would take over. Frankenstein was written during that time period, and in some ways reflects the belief that putting too much faith in technology can be dangerous. STAGE AND SCREEN Many stage versions of Frankenstein were produced before it was made into a short film by the Edison Company in 1910. The image of Frankenstein that we recognize today comes from the 1931 film version starring Boris Karloff. The tall, striped hair of his bride in the sequel, The Bride of Frankenstein, is also a familiar Halloween image! QUIZ 1) The monster in the novel Frankenstein‛s true name is: a) Frankie b) Fred c) Frankenstein‛s Monster d) Frankenstein 2) Who do you think is the scarier character in the story of Frankenstein: the monster or the scientist? Write a paragraph about your opinion below. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © 2011-2012 by More worksheets at