Salt analysis

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Effect of Heat

Most salts decompose when heated. By comparing the colour of the salt and the residue left behind and the gas released, we can identify the cation and anion that might be present in the salt.

Experiment 6.7 investigates the action of heat on carbonate salt and nitrate salt.

Read pgs 194 to 196

Anion Tests

Only four anions are needed to be identified at this level, which are

Carbonate ion, CO3 2-

Chloride ion, Cl-,

Sulphate ion, SO42-

Nitrate ion,NO3-

Read pgs 201 to 204

Color of Salts

Pg 198 of textbook

Activity 6.27

Aim: To investigate the colour of the salts and their solubility in water.

Color of Salts

Color of Salts

Cation tests

Read pages 205 to 212