Aeneid Book II


With illustrations and embedded recordings. Anchor question numbers in the left margin go with a matching worksheet.


B O O K T W O The Final Hours of Troy S nence . All fell hushed, their eyes fixed on Aeneas now as the founder of his people, high on a seat of honor, set out on his story: " Sorrow, unspeakable sorrow, Q1 my queen, you ask me to bring to life once more, how the Greeks uprooted Troy in all her power, our kingdom mourned forever. What horrors I saw, a tragedy where I played a leading role myself. Who could tell such things-not even a Myrmidon, a Dolopian, or comrade of iron-hearted Ulysses- and still refrain from tears? And now, too, 10 the dank night is sweeping down from the sky and the setting stars incline our heads to sleep . But if you long so deeply to know what we went through, to hear, in brief, the last great agony of Troy, much as I shudder at the memory of it all- 1 shrank back in grief-I'll try to tell it now . . . 74

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