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A. haven’t solved B. are not solving C. hadn’t solved D.will not have solved 26. Miss Hoa always takes her umbrella when she _____ to school. A. has gone B. goes C. is going D. will go 27. Never talk to the driver while he ______. A. will be driving B. will drive C. drives D. is driving 28. I’ll tell you it is good or not after I ____it. A. try B. am trying C. have tried D. will try 29. I’ll marry her as soon as she _____ all her problems. A. solves B. has solved C. had solved D. solve 30. I bought Romano whenever I ____ Maximart. A. had gone B. has gone C. went D. would go 31. My son was sleeping when I ______ home. A. went B. has gone C. had gone D. would go 32. Yesterday when I _____ at the station, the train _______ for 15 minutes. A. arrived/ had left B. arrives/ has left C. arrived/ left D. had arrived/ left 33. When we _____ there _____ people ______ calmly. A. got/ are waiting B. got/ were waiting C. got/ waited D. get/ wait 34. While I ____ in the street, I saw my old friend. A. was walking B. am walking C. walk D. walked 35. What do you think the children _____ when we get home? A. would do B. do C. were doing D. are doing 36. The house was quiet when I _____ home. Everyone _____ to bed. A. got/ went B. got/ had gone C. had got / went D. was getting/ was going 37. While I was going to school yesterday, I ____ him. A. meet B. met C. will meet D. am meeting 38. Alice _____ for Washington as soon as she had finished her exam. A. will leave B. would leave C. leaves D. left 41. She is ………..interrupting me while I am talking. a. sometimes b. never c. always d. just 42. It is so long since I saw him that almost failed to …..him. a. receive b. recognise c. accept d. realize 43. When I rang , no one answered the phone. They ……………..out. a. must have been b. would have been c. should be d. must be 44. The room is ………………. a. 100 metres in long b. 100 metres long c.100 metres length d. in length 100 metres 45. He is ………….better than me. a. more b. many c. much d. few 46. He wants to know how ……………..a car. a. drive b. to drive c. drove d. driving 47. I haven’t seen him …………………………. a. many years ago b. for many years c. many years ago d. since many years 48. Few classical musicians, …….British or forgein, become well-known to the general public. a. if b. what c. whether d. where 49. The students are ………….. for their jobs. a. ill-prepare b. ill-prepared c. illy-prepare d. illy-prepared 50. How ………………are the books? a. many b. much c. often d. far 51. --------of students are there. a. Hundred b. Hundreds c. Two hundred d. Two hundreds

Worksheet Image