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NAME CLASS DATE Language Handbook 1 The Parts of Speech WORKSHEET 7 Identifying Adverbs Exercise A Each of the following sentences contains an adverb in italics. Draw an arrow from the adverb to the word it modifies. On the line provided, tell whether the modified word is a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. EXAMPLES adjective 1. We saw a very uplifting movie. verb 2. Luis usually plays right field. _____________ 1. Ms. Katz plays tennis well. _____________ 2. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is an exceptionally talented writer. _____________ 3. Melba seldom loses her head. _____________ 4. Herbert seemed unusually happy. _____________ 5. Should I slice the ancho chilies now? _____________ 6. Tranh cried out, “Don’t run so fast!” _____________ 7. I always enjoy Gary Soto’s poetry. _____________ 8. A rather funny clown was juggling oranges. _____________ 9. “I’m too drowsy for words,” Annette yawned. _____________ 10. Sue works unusually hard on Saturdays. Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. _____________ 11. Fran answered somewhat enthusiastically. _____________ 12. Does hay actually cause hay fever? _____________ 13. They play an extremely fast game. _____________ 14. We will play a double-header tomorrow. _____________ 15. At formal occasions, Jake speaks properly. _____________ 16. The dangerously narrow bridge scared me. _____________ 17. Can you really capture chiggers alive? _____________ 18. The second speech was less interesting. _____________ 19. He was fully aware of his plight. _____________ 20. Florence occasionally eats sushi. Continued ☞ 8 Language Handbook Worksheets Elements of Literature