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2. Carefully study the diagram of leaf cross section with labels A, B, C and D. Select the option which gives correct identification and main function and /or characteristic. A. Chloroplasts - Stores food B. Guard cells - Exchange gases ' C. Cuticle - Prevent water loss D. Lower epidermis - Protect the leaf 3. Following is true for heterotrophs A. Heterotrophs survival depends directly or indirectly on autotrophs B. Heterotrophi c organisms include animals and fungi C. In heterotrophs, complex substances have to be broken down into simpler ones D. All of the above I 4. Example of parasite which derive nutrition from plants or animals without killing them A. Bacteria B. Mushroom C. Cusc1Jta D. All of the above ) Lactic acid is a __ carbon molecule A. Three B. Four C. Two D. Six 2\Page

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