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2. Carefully study the diagram of leaf cross section with labels A, B, C and D. Select the option which gives correct identification and main function and /or characteristic. A. Chloroplasts - Stores food B. Guard cells - Exchange gases ' C. Cuticle - Prevent water loss D. Lower epidermis - Protect the leaf 3. Following is true for heterotrophs A. Heterotrophs survival depends directly or indirectly on autotrophs B. Heterotrophi c organisms include animals and fungi C. In heterotrophs, complex substances have to be broken down into simpler ones D. All of the above I 4. Example of parasite which derive nutrition from plants or animals without killing them A. Bacteria B. Mushroom C. Cusc1Jta D. All of the above ) Lactic acid is a __ carbon molecule A. Three B. Four C. Two D. Six 2\Page

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reshly prepared Lime water is present in set up (a) and set up (b). Air is blown with mouth and syringe in the respective set up. (b) takes time to tum milky. Pick the option that gives correct reason. Blowing exhaled a i r ~ Syringe Cor1I Glalltube .. l,lfl'M! wateF Ltmewater (A) (8) A. Syringe action or spee-ct is comparatively less than the boy's speed of action. B. Test tube (b) contains dilute lime water. C. Atmosphe ric air contains very less amount of CO2. D. CO2 is insoluble in lime water. 7. In humans, carbohydrates are stored in the fonn of A. Glucagon B. Glycogen C. Glucose D. Glycolysis 8. During photosynthesis, 02 is liberated from A. CO2 B. H20 C. C6H1206 D. Both CO2 and H20 9. An object at a distance of 40 cm from a concave mirror gets its image at the same point. The focal length of the mirror is, A. -40 cm B. 40 cm C. -20 cm D. +20 cm \ \ 3\Page