Adjectives 2 - 2

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Put the adjectives in the correct form – comparative or superlative: 1.- Today has been the_________ day of the year. (hot) 2.- This is the __________ CD I’ve ever listened. (bad) 3.- English is __________than Japanese. (easy) 4.- Which mountain is the___________ in the world. (high) 5.- John is _________ than his brother. (clever) 6.- English is _________ than Latin. (useful) 7.- What is the___________ word in English? (common) 8.- The Nile is the___________ river in the world. (long) 9.- Mary is _________than my daughter (old) 10.- That skyscraper is one of the__________ buildings in the city. (tall) 11.- The first exercise was easy but this one is ________. (difficult) 12.- Our journey took __________than we expected. (long) 13.- Charles is the__________ student in the school. (noisy) 14.- Madrid’s population is _________than Santander’s (large) 15.- Nothing makes me _________than waiting on the phone. (angry) 16.- Five years ago I was _________than I am now. (fat) 17.- This car uses ___________ petrol than my last car. (much) 18.- Spanish is ___________ difficult to learn than Chinese. (little) 19.- It’s the_____________ hotel in South Africa. (expensive) 20.- I haven’t got many CDs. You’ve got __________than I have. (many) Total : 20p.