Activity 1

  1. Science
  2. 10 Grade
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Direction: Now let use summarize what we have discused in this module. Complete the synopsis below by filing up the blank spaces with the appropriate word/words. You may choose the words from the textbox provided. Word/words can be used more than once, so dont hesitate to use the word/s that you have used already. Mirror and lenses are the tools used in studying the two main behavior of light: diverging lens multiple images retina lateral inversion eyes plane mirror convex lenses concave mirror eyelids parallel converging Lenses convex mirror iris diaphragm reflection refraction meniscus lenses (1) _________________ or the bending of light and (2) __________________ the bouncing off of light. Mirrors come in different types. The first one is the (3) _________________, a type of mirror with a flat surface, it produces an image flipped vertically, this is known as (4) ____________. When mirrors are placed next to each other at a certain angle it can create more than one images, known as (5) ________________. When mirrors are placed in (6) ______________ position, facing each other, an infinite number of images is produced. The spherical mirrors come in two: (7) ______________ or the converging mirror and (8) _________________ the diverging mirror. These mirrors also function differently. A mirror which provides wider view field making distant objects appear smaller is (9) __________________. If you want to increase the beam that a certain source of light is radiating, you must enclose it in a (10) ______________. Dentists also use this kind of mirror because it can magnify the teeth they are checking on, and this makes easier for them to find the hidden cavity. Now let us go to lenses. Like mirror, lenses also come in either convex lens, known as (11)____________ and concave lens, which is also called (12) ________________. These lenses are also useful to man, like how a mirror is. To see minute or tiny microorganisms, Scientists use (13) ____________ which has (14) _____________. To correct a visual problem known as myopia, An eye expert known as Optometrist would prescribe a myopic person to wear eye glasses with (15) ___________, while for the person who sees better in a far distance, or the farsighted, a pair of eyeglasses with (16) __________________ is used. In our body, we do also have a natural camera with built in lenses; these are our (17) ___________. It enables us to see the world around us because it has an opening that resembles the aperture of a camera. Natural shutters are like our (18) _____________, that opens and shuts. The (19) ________________controls the light that enters our eyes and the photographic film is like our (20) ____________, recording and capturing the beautiful views around us.