A letter to a friend exercises

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1. Check your understanding: true or false Circle True or False for these sentences. 1. Dani is a high school student. True False 2. Dani thinks Friday is the best day of the week. True False 3. Dani likes French. True False 4. On Friday Dani has an ICT class before her French class. True False 5. Mr King is the PE teacher. True False 6. Dani goes to the sports centre to play basketball. True False 2. Check your writing: matching – questions and answers Match the questions with the answers and write a – f next to the numbers 1 – 6. Not much! I like to spend time with my family and we have a big Why do you like 1…….. a. lunch together on Sunday. I sometimes go shopping with my summer? friends on Saturday or visit my grandparents. I love it because I usually go to the beach and there’s no school! I What’s your favourite 2…….. b. love swimming in the sea and playing beach volleyball. It's sport? definitely the best season. That's difficult! I like Mr Kelly. He teaches Art. He's kind, creative What’s your favourite 3…….. c. and always shows us new artists and ways to make art. He's subject at school? really cool! What's your least Probably Drama. I just don't feel comfortable acting or performing 4…….. favourite subject at d. in front of other people but I like watching my friends perform on school? stage! Who's your favourite I love them all! But I play tennis twice a week at school and also 5…….. e. teacher at school? after school on Fridays. I’m getting quite good at it. What do you usually do Definitely Art. I’m good at drawing and painting. I spend all my 6…….. f. on the weekends? free time drawing pictures and one day I’d like to be a designer.

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