Group A Name: ____________________________________ Class: ____________________________________ Total: _ /45 Listening A. Listen to a conversation between Melissa and Simon. Complete the sentences with up to three words. 1 Melissa is surprised that Simon is _____________ _______________. 2 Melissa has three ______________________ _______________ after school. 3 Simon and most of the students want to _______ ________________________ on the school trip. 4 Simon thinks Melissa has ___________________ ___________ about the school trip. 5 Melissa wants Simon to ask her about the meeting ____ ___________________. ___/10 Vocabulary B. Complete the sentences with the missing words. The first letters are given. 0 I want to go to England to improve my speaking skills. 1 You can get a snack in our school c____________ for just one pound. 2 We play football on the sports f______________ when it's warm. 3 My brother is seven and he goes to p____________ school. 4 It's ten past eight. You're l_______________ again – the lesson starts at eight! 5 My mum works at a m_______________ school – she teaches boys and girls. ___/5 C. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. come have take pass focus do 0 I usually come to class on time. 1 Our teachers usually _______________ a very important meeting every Friday. 2 You must get 50 points out of 100 to ______________ this exam. 3 We often _______________ part in projects at school. 4 Mr Smith's exams are very difficult – I often _______________ badly. 5 This exercise is not easy – I need to _______________ on it for more time. ___/5 Grammar D Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use must / mustn't, should / shouldn't or have to / don't have to in the correct form. 0 Jeff's mother makes him play the piano every day. Jeff has to play the piano every day. 1 Don't play football in the school corridor. It's against the rules. You ______________________________ play football in the school corridor.

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