1. English
  2. 9 Grade
  3. Tetiana Ivaniuk
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Group A Name: ____________________________________ Class: ____________________________________ Total: _ /45 Listening A. Listen to a conversation between Melissa and Simon. Complete the sentences with up to three words. 1 Melissa is surprised that Simon is _____________ _______________. 2 Melissa has three ______________________ _______________ after school. 3 Simon and most of the students want to _______ ________________________ on the school trip. 4 Simon thinks Melissa has ___________________ ___________ about the school trip. 5 Melissa wants Simon to ask her about the meeting ____ ___________________. ___/10 Vocabulary B. Complete the sentences with the missing words. The first letters are given. 0 I want to go to England to improve my speaking skills. 1 You can get a snack in our school c____________ for just one pound. 2 We play football on the sports f______________ when it's warm. 3 My brother is seven and he goes to p____________ school. 4 It's ten past eight. You're l_______________ again – the lesson starts at eight! 5 My mum works at a m_______________ school – she teaches boys and girls. ___/5 C. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. come have take pass focus do 0 I usually come to class on time. 1 Our teachers usually _______________ a very important meeting every Friday. 2 You must get 50 points out of 100 to ______________ this exam. 3 We often _______________ part in projects at school. 4 Mr Smith's exams are very difficult – I often _______________ badly. 5 This exercise is not easy – I need to _______________ on it for more time. ___/5 Grammar D Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use must / mustn't, should / shouldn't or have to / don't have to in the correct form. 0 Jeff's mother makes him play the piano every day. Jeff has to play the piano every day. 1 Don't play football in the school corridor. It's against the rules. You ______________________________ play football in the school corridor.

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2 I think it's a good idea to write down new English words in your notebook. You ______________________________ write new English words in your notebook. 3 The school rules say: 'Be on time for your lessons.' You ______________________________ be on time for your lesson. 4 I don't think it's a good idea to download apps when you are abroad. You ______________________________ download apps when you are abroad. 5 It's not necessary for you to be a professional musician to play in our band. You ______________________________ be a professional musician to play in our band. ___/5 E. Complete the sentences with was / wasn't, were / weren't or could / couldn't. 0 How old were you in 2005? 1 Mrs Stewart _______________ my Art teacher last year. 2 _______________ you drive last summer? 3 The children _______________ sad a moment ago but they're crying now. What's wrong? 4 _______________ your museum ticket very expensive? 5 We _______________ go swimming last year but now we've got a new swimming pool. ___/5 Use of English F. Choose the correct option. 0 X: What are you learning about in your C lessons now? Y: The English kings and queens of the 19th century. A PhysicsB Geography C History 1 X: I'd like some information about the museum. Y: Certainly, _____? A what would you like to know B are there any discounts for groups C how much does a family ticket cost 2 X: What happens if you _____ a class? A miss B pass C do Y: Well, the class teacher tells my parents about it. 3 X: Is the Science lab at your school good? Y: It's great. We can do lots of _____ there. A skills B subjects C experiments 4 X: _____ Darren help you with your homework? Y: No, it was a very difficult exercise. A Was B Were C Could 5 X: Do you practise playing the guitar every day? Y: No, you _____ do it every day. It's not necessary. A shouldn't B don't have to C mustn't ___/5

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G. Read the text. Are the sentences 1-5 true (T) or false (F)? IS CHOICE A GOOD THING? Sometimes, houses in one street, which look the same as those in the next street, can cost thousands of pounds more. Why? The answer is ‘catchment area’. This is the area from which each school in Britain takes its students. According to the regulations, children should go to the school which is the closest to their home. If the school is good, parents are happy to pay extra to live in the school’s catchment area and give their children a good education. Now, a new law gives parents more choice about which school their child can go to. Schools can say ‘No’ to children even if they live in the school’s catchment area. It doesn’t often happen, but schools can fill up and refuse to take any more students. To decide who gets in, there is a points system. Those who live closest to the school get more points. Those who have brothers or sisters at the school also get more points. This is a good idea as it is easier for parents and nice for the children but it can cause problems. One reason this happens is because of cheating. Some families rent a house or flat near to a good school. When their oldest child gets into the school, they can stop renting. The child already at the school has a place and any future younger brothers or sisters are more likely to get a place there because of the points system. That means fewer places for the local children. Parents can now apply to up to six schools. Unfortunately, some children don’t get into any of them. The local education authority must then choose a school for them but these are often very bad schools and can also be a long way away from the children’s home. Many people would like to go back to the traditional catchment area idea. Choice is great when you get what you want but not so good for those who end up with no choice at all. 1 A good school can make house prices higher. Because of the new law, a school must take every child 2 in its catchment area. When parents move home, their children must move 3 school. Some children don’t get into any of the schools they 4 choose. According to the writer, the new law giving a choice 5 of school is bad for everyone. ___/10