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Listening Term I Test * 2021-2022 Name: ____________________________________ 2 [Track 18] You will hear five different recordings. Listen and choose the correct answer, A, B or C. Class: ____________________________________ 1 You hear a young man calling a friend. Total: _ /15 Why is he calling? A to remind his friend to buy some tickets B to invite his friend to go to an event 1 [Track 17] You will hear three different C to make arrangements to meet his friend recordings. Listen and choose the correct answer, A, B or C. 2 You hear a news item about a football match. What does the announcer say about the match? Recording 1 A Both teams scored three goals. 1 The man’s headaches B The result was unexpected. C One player didn’t play well. A got better when he took aspirins. B were worst in the morning. 3 You hear a boy talking to his teacher about becoming a doctor. C stopped him from sleeping. What experience has he had of medicine? 2 Holding a pencil in his mouth A He’s been to visit a medical school. B His parents are both doctors. A proved that the man’s jaw was the problem. C He’s worked in a hospital as a volunteer. B cured the problem completely. C made no difference to the man’s 4 You hear two friends talking about a Maths exam they’ve just had. headaches. What do they agree? Recording 2 A One question was particularly difficult. B It was more difficult than their previous exam. 3 The speakers are travelling C They may have done better than they think. A by car. B by ferry. __ /4 C by bus. 3 [Track 19] You hear two friends, Ella and Tom, talking about studying for exams. Are the 4 What does the girl say about olives? statements 1-5 true (T) or false (F)? A They don’t stop sickness. B She’s eaten all hers. T F C She doesn’t like them. 1 Ella thinks that Tom hasn’t done Recording 3 enough revision for the exam. 5 The girl might not go to the theatre because 2 Tom is confident about how he will perform in the exam. A she doesn’t feel well. 3 Ella is worried about the amount B she keeps coughing. of studying that Tom is doing. C she’s cold. 4 Tom admits that he enjoyed 6 The boy gives the girl dark chocolate because doing some sport last week. A it tastes nicer than milk chocolate. 5 Tom and Ella share the same B it contains something that milk chocolate doesn’t opinion about watching quiz shows have. during study breaks. C it will make her feel better for missing the theatre. __ /5 /6 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)