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UNIDAD EDUCATIVA CRISTIANA "HARVEST SCHOOL" 2021 - 2022 Cuestionario EXAM8VO (Opcion Múltiple) Curso OCTAVO GRADO DE EDUCACIÓN GENERAL BÁSICA MateriaINTEGRATED LANGUAGE SKILLS Profesor Lcdo. CHERREZ AYALA JOFFRE RICARDO NombreEXAM8VO (Opcion Múltiple) Pregunta #1 [Opción Multiple] The armchair is ______________ the sofa on the left side of on the right side of behind between Pregunta #2 [Opción Multiple] The table is ____________ the sofa behind in on in front of Pregunta #3 [Opción Multiple] ____________ one hundred books in the library There is There are Pregunta #4 [Opción Multiple] _________ a phone in her pencil case There is There are Pregunta #5 [Opción Multiple] Are there lots of students? Yes, there is Yes, they are Yes, there are Fecha: 9/17/21 9:16 AM Pagina 1 / 4

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