5 basic tenses 2021 Covid

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Many people think about being locked down at home a year ago. Life as we know it would change dramatically as government officials begam seeing the spread of the birus and hospital bed getting full of people dying from fly symptims. Who said a year ago that we lost so many lived to this virus? Today every time we go shopping or enter a place with many people we need to maintain social distance. But what happens when you travel in a bus? Social distancing is impossible to keep. People still have to go to work, attend doctors appointments and go shopping for food. Masks become a first necessity itme. In the beginning they sold them at dkyrocket process. Then when they become obligatory their prives were reduced. However there are still people who cannot buy the, there are many people who lost their jobs and be in meed of social help from the giverment. Aftger thw WHO announced the pandeminc the vaccine rave was on. Scientists and biologist started to test on the solution. In record time’ they found various ways to combat the virus through different forms of vaccines. Now as the world population is waiting. The companite find that they promised something that is almost imporrsible. The making of the vaccine takes a long time. More than they ever thought. How they possible manufacture millions in time in immune all the people in the world> One thing is for sure – we use the face masks more than we think. It might be the future in fashion accessories. An effective face mask whi gotes with amyh otfit. Also protects from the flu. Better health in the winter.