2nd Exam Math 8


S The Lord’s Wisdom Academy of Caloocan Inc. 1162 Santolan St., Corner Guyabano St., Camarin Caloocan City No. Junior High School Department Second Quarter Examination in Mathematics 8 Name: __________________________ Grade/Section: _ Score: __________________ Teacher: ______ Date: ___________________Parent’s Signature: _______ l. Choose the letter of the best answer and on the blanks before the number. ____1. What are the components of a power? A. Denominator and Numerator C. Negative and Positive B. Exponents and Base D. Zero ____2. What is the value of ‘two to the fifth power’? A. 4 B. 10 C. 25 D. 32 ____3. What is the exponential form of the “square of x ’? 3 A. (x3)2 B. (x3)2 C. x3 D. x6 ____4. What is the product of (x) and (x3)? A. 2x3 B. 2x4 C. x3 D. x4 ____5. How do you simplify power of a power according to the law of exponents? A. Add the exponents C. Multiply the exponents B. Divide the exponents D. Subtract the exponents ____6. If we multiply 2x3 to y, what is the product? A. 2(xy)3 B. 2x3y C. 2xy3 D. xy6 ____7. Which of the following is applies the power of a quotient? A. (2y/4x)5 B. 2x/y C. 2x3 D. 3x/x4 ____8. What is the value of 53/53? A. 0 B. 1 C. 3 D. 5 ____9. Which of the following is the equivalent of x ? -8 A. 1/x8 B. 8x C. x8 D. x8/1 ____10. What is the value of 2x2 – 10x if x is equal to 3? A. -21 B. -12 C. 12 D. 21 ____11. What do you call to the two perpendicular number lines in a Cartesian plane? A. Axes B. Axis C. Integers D. Origin ____12. What do you call to the intersection of y-axis and x-axis? A. Integers B. Origin C. Plane D. Quadrant ____13. What is the other term for y-axis? A. Axis of the abscissa C. Coordinates B. Axis of the ordinates D. Quadrant ____14. Which of the following ordered pair is located in Quadrant ll? A. (3,5) B. (-5, 8) C. (5,+5) D. (-5,-5) ____15. What do you call to the relation in which each first component in the order pairs corresponds to exactly one second component? A. Domain C. Range B. Function D. Relation ____16. Which is the most convenient method to determine a function when given the graph? A. Table of Values C. Two points test B. Horizontal line test D. Vertical line test ____17. Given f(1)= x + x +5, what is the value of the function? 2 A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8 ____18. What is the inverse function of f(x) = 6x? A. f—1(x) = 6 C. f—1(x) = 6/x B. f (x) = 6x —1 D. f—1(x) = x/6 ____19. What is the graph of a linear function? A. Broken line C. Segment line B. Curve line D. Straight line ____20. What is the slope of the points (2,2) and (2,-3)? A. -5 B. -2 C. 2 D. 5

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