1st Summative Test in English 9

  1. English
  2. 9 Grade
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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region VI – Western Visayas Schools Division of Iloilo 1st Summative Test in English 9 Name: Score: Section: Date: Part 1- Modals of Permission, Obligation, and Prohibition A. Identify the use of modal in every sentence. Choose from the pool of answers the type of modals as hinted by each underlined expression. (10 points) Permission Prohibition Obligation 1. The students must pay attention to the teacher. 2. May I use your phone to call my mom, please? 3. May I borrow your pen during the exam? 4. Can we watch a concert this weekend? 5. You mustn’t cheat on exam. It’s forbidden. 6. The BTS members must sing and dance for their performances on tour. 7. You have to pass all your homework and activities in order to graduate. 8. You can’t play mobile games unless you have finished doing your homework. 9. All people must wear face mask and face shield when in public places. 10. Jimin can’t play the guitar and piano tonight on live TV performance. B. Complete the sentences by filling in the correct modals. Circle the letter of the correct answer. (10 points) 1. We study in the library after 6 pm. a. couldn’t b. may not c. don’t 2. You go as soon as you have finished your exam. a. have to b. must c. may 3. You take off your face mask in public places. a. can’t b. couldn’t c. have to 4. We be at the airport at least two hours before the flight. a. can b. have to c. may 5. I ask you a question, please? a. could b. couldn’t c. must 6. You ____ go to the beach dressed like that young lady! a. must b. may c. can’t 7. Hello, ____ I speak with Mr. Smith please? a. may b. could c. can 8. He ____ go to school tomorrow. He has a fever. a. must not b. can’t c. can 9. Mom ____ I go with Jill to the scholastic book fair? a. may b. could c. can 10. You drive in this country unless you are over eighteen. a. may b. can’t c. couldn’t Part 2- Using Conditionals in Expressing Arguments Direction: Put the verb into the correct conditional form. Write your answer on the space provided. (20 points) Example: If I _____ (go) out tonight, I ___ (go) to the cinema. Answer: If I go out tonight, I will go to the cinema. 1. She _____________ _____ (take) a taxi, if it _____ _____________ (rain). 2. If you ________ __________ (get) back late, I _________ _________ (be) angry. 3. If we ______ ____________ (go) on holiday this summer, we ____ ______________ (go) to Korea. 4. If I ____________ ______ (not / go) to bed early, I ________ __________ (be) tired tomorrow. 5. I _________ _________ (come) early if you ______ ____________ (want). 6. I ___________ _______ (buy) a new bike if I _______ ___________ (have) enough money. 7. I ______________ ____ (not / go) if you ____________ ______ (not / come) with me. 8. She __________________ (stay) in Korea if she __________________ (get) a job. 9. If the weather _________ _________ (not / improve), we ____________ ______ (not / have) a picnic. 10. If he _____________ _____ (come), I __________ ________ (be) surprised. Part 3- Essay Writing Direction: Write a short essay with a topic about your life as a student in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. Write your essay in a one whole sheet of pad paper. (25 points)