First Quarter Summative Exam in MAPEH - Set C


Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Division of Taguig City and Pateros SIGNAL VILLAGE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ballecer St., Central Signal Village Taguig City First Quarter Summative Exam – MAPEH 9 Name: ______________________________ Grade: 9 Section: _________________ Date: ________________ I – Multiple Choice: Instruction: Read the statement carefully and comprehensively. Select the letter that best answer the questions. Pre-historic sculptures vary depending to a region or locality. One of its characteristics is that, it has ______significance. a) Aesthetic b) Religious c) Mythological d) Historical During the Pre-Historic Architecture, stones and rocks were associated with _______. a) Legends b) Superstitious c) Divinity d) All of the answers are correct. Which of the following are not an Art Forms? a) Photography b) Literature c) Online Games d) Recreation A type of Egyptian tomb in the form of flat roofed, rectangular structure with outward sloping sides. a) Pyramid b) Mastaba c) Dolmens d) Giza . An art process where image is created using assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stones or other materials. a) Mosaic b) Panel Painting c) Fresco d) Tempera A characteristic of artworks that denotes preference in sculpture for more elaborated patterns and put emphasis on the representation of movement for dramatic effects. a) Mosaic b) Hellenistic c) Symbolic d) Tropme-l-oeil The main innovation of classical Roman painting is the development of______. a) mythological painting b) landscape painting c) animal painting d) everyday life painting

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