11B Grammar Practice

  1. English
  2. Jamie Phanlavong
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English File Beginner 11B Grammar Practice 1. A. What did you ________ for breakfast? B. I _______ some toast and a coffee. 2. A. Did you _______ a flight? B. Yes, I ______ a flight for tomorrow afternoon. 3. A. Can you ________ your homework? B. I already ______ my homework. 4. I _______ out last night. I am so tired. 5. A. What did you ________ today? B. I _______ lunch with my friends and _________ to school. 6. A. What time did you ______ up this morning? B. I ________ up early because I took my son to school. 7. A. What did you _______ last night? B. I _______ home and _______ to bed. 8. A. Did you _______ yoga yesterday? B. No, I didn’t _______ yoga. 9. We _______ a taxi and ________ to the hotel. 10. A. What did you ________ today? B. I _______ a nice day. I ________ to work and _________ dinner with my family.