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III. PRACTICE Mark the correct answer to each of the following questions. 1. Opera singer Maria Callas was known for her ____, powerful voice. A. intensity B. intensify C. intense D. intensely 2. Many readers will disagree with the selection and the assessments as any guide will inevitably be ____. A. subject B. subjected C. subjective D. subjectivism 3. Politicians ____ blame the media if they don’t win the election. They’re so predictable. A. variable B. variety C. various D. invariably 4. This is very ____! Can’t you practise your violin somewhere else? A. convenient B. conveniently C. inconvenient D. convenience 5. I would like to show you my latest ____, which I have called “Boats on a Lake”. A. creativity B. creator C. create D. creation 6. During the festival ____ were hanging from every tree. A. decorator B. decorations C. decorative D. decorativeness 7. He offered to give me a ____ of how the machine worked. A. demonstrator B. demonstration C. demonstrate D. demonstrative 8. Those countries are ____ on other countries for most of their food. A. dependent B. independence C. dependable D. dependability 9. He acted in an extremely ____ manner, which made him very unpopular. A. dictation B. dictatorial C. dictate D. dictatorship 10. He hoped the ____ agency would find him a job. A. employee B. unemployed C. employer D. employment 11. I’m afraid they weren’t very ____ about your idea of going out this evening. A. enthusiastically B. enthusiastic C. enthusiasm D. enthusiast 12. The student did not do well in the class; he had a problem with ____. A. absenteeism B. absently C. absentee D. absent 13. The information in that article is ____ inaccurate. A. historian B. historical C. history D. historically 14. Some people show ____ attitude toward the misery of others, totally untouched by their suffering. A. passionate B. dispassionate C. passion D. passionately 15. The charity organization received a large gift from the ____. A. donation B. donor C. donate D. donated 16. The sick child must stay away from others because he has a ____ disease. Ms. Tâm Anh - 0974081190

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