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Three steps to improve your interactive teaching activities using Edform

Welcome to the Edform webinar for registered teachers, school administrators, and facilitators. This is a short user guide to acquaint you with all the main tools of Edform.

AvatarNadia Petrunok
About webinar

Time to make your teachers’ routine much more enjoyable!    

In this webinar, you will find out the following:

  • How to use the Edform toolbar and assign auto-graded and manually-graded tasks
  • Benefit from the library of interactive worksheets
  • Create your interactive teaching materials
  • Assign two types of Edform lessons
  • Monitor the educational outcomes of your class
  • Provide three types of feedback
  • Sync your Edform with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams accounts

You’ve already created an account, but still hesitate whether Edform fits you?

Keep three main reasons to join the webinar and fall in love with Edform: 

  • You’d like to save time and introduce EdTech instruments into your teaching schedule
  • You teach distantly, or your school provides blended learning
  • You’d like to print less and stay in touch with your class whenever you need