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Name:____________________________________________ Date:____________________________________________ Vocabulary Study Chapters 7 - 8 Match Up Match the words in the left column to their definitions in the right column. inclined • • to try and get by flattery prospectors • • high-pitched and piercing in sound garish • • explorers shrill • • satisfied and unconcerned wheedling • • having a tendency; disposed complacent • • loud and flashy Fill in the Blanks Complete each sentence by filling in the blanks with the provided vocabulary. inclined complacent garish prospectors shrill wheedling 1. I muted the T.V. so I didn’t have to hear the ___________________________ voice of the actress. 2. I didn’t want to wear the sparkly and __________________________ sweater my mom bought me. 3. The ___________________________ cat continued napping as the maid cleaned around her. 4. I’m ___________________________ to listen to my mother because she always has good advice. 5. The ___________________________ child tried to get extra attention by giving his sister a flower from the garden in front of his grandparents. 6. The ___________________________ found great amounts of gold in the mine. An antonym is a word that means the opposite. Choose three vocabulary words and write an antonym for each below. A Little Vocabulary word: _________________________ Antonym: _________________________ Extra! Vocabulary word: _________________________ Vocabulary word: _________________________ Antonym: _________________________ Antonym: _________________________ Bridge to Terabithia 17 © The Book Umbrella

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