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EDFORM DEMO WORKSHEET Read the sentences below. Read the underlined word Watch this video in the sentence. Choose the answer choice that has the same meaning as the underlined word. 1. The student replied to the teacher with a witty answer and the class laughed. funny mean word 2. I looked at my brother with a glare after he broke my toy. Match the word or phrase on the right which has almost the same meaning as the word on the left. confusing dirty look difficult naturally stuck up 3. Fireworks on the 4th of July give off a beautiful glimmer in the sky. velveteen chance glow bright look expensive ignored snubbed times of the year Read each sentences, paying attention to the context clues. Match each homophone to the correct sentence. superior soft cloth drop the word on the line. seasons usually weak week hole whole opportunity cost a lot of money 1. I waited an entire ___________ to receive a grade for my book report. Words can have similar meanings, but some 2. After getting a shot at the doctor, I felt ___________ words are better to use than others. Choose the and needed to sit down. best word for each sentence. Words: run, walk, jog 3. He got a ___________ in his jeans when he tripped and fell on the sidewalk. 1. Mom will ___________ around the track. 4. The kids at the birthday party ate the ___________ 2. Mom will ___________ to catch the ball. cake. 3. Mom will ___________ the dog at night. Add a prefix from the list below to each word to make a new word. What do you think the word terrified means? Prefixes: dis- re- un- 1. __________write 2. __________trust 3. __________like What do you think the word snubbed means? 4. __________play 5. __________honest

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154 days ago
on your sample sheet, you state that distrust is wrong, however, untrust is correct. I can distrust someone, because someone may be untrustworthy.
133 days ago
I like it very much, it is very useful. M hoping you could add item analysis in the future.