Activity 1 Using edform


Republic of the Philippines North Eastern Mindanao State University formerly SURIGAO DEL SUR STATE UNIVERSITY Rosario, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur 8300 Telefax No. 086-214-4221 E-Learning Modalities Utilization Training and Action Research Writing Training November 23, 2021 Activity 1: Interactive Test I. Getting to Know You Name: ____________________________________________________ Subject Taught: _____________________________________________ I have written action research Yes ___________ No _____________ The problem that I want to solve is _______________________________ _______________________________________________________ I know that I can because _______________________________________ _______________________________________________________ I want to learn, and I love RESEARCH! II.Pre-Test (Multiple Choice) Instruction: Choose the best answer from the options provided. 1. The following are objectives of action research except__________. A. satisfy curiosity B. improve education practice C. improve teachers own craft D. respond to the call of 21st Century Learners

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