Hot Spot question


Thanks to the  Hotspot question type, you can create clickable elements, and ask students to click the correct one.

To start working with the feature, select it by clicking the corresponding icon on the menu bar. Start drawing clickable zones to the proper size, and locate them directly on the elements of the worksheet you want your students to interact with. When all the elements are covered with these red zones, click the one you consider the correct answer, and it will be highlighted in green.

The operations you can perform with the Hotspot field:

  • Set the number of scores for answering correctly. Click  and select the desired option from a dropdown list (from 1 to 10 points, scored by default, or not scored).
  • Adjust its size.
  • Move the element to a different place. To do this, just hover over the checkbox field click and hold the six-dots icon  and drag it where needed, then release the button.
  • Duplicate the element by clicking copy icon  right next to the Settings icon. A copy will appear below.
  • Remove the element from the worksheet by clicking trash icon .

Student View

This is how your students will see the Hotspot task:


When you get the task done by students, the system will automatically mark their answers as correct (in green) or incorrect (in red). In the event the student has been incorrectly marked, you can score the task by hand. To do this, hover over the task. You’ll see the number of automatically scored points out of the maximum. Click the auto-graded scores and select the necessary points from the drop-list. The color will immediately turn green, marking the correct answer.