Audio element


The Audio feature enables you to add audio recordings to the worksheet. You can either upload or record them. To start using the element, put it on the worksheet first by any of the methods below:

  • Click the element and drag it to the necessary place.
  • Сlick the element first, then click the desired spot. The block will appear in that spot.

Next, add the audio material.

  • To upload it, hover your mouse over the Audio field, click the placeholder and select the necessary file.
  • To record it, hover your mouse over the Audio field, click “Start recording”, dictate the needed info, and click “Stop recording”.

Here are the operations you can further perform with an Audio block:

  • Play what you’ve recorded.
  • Adjust its size.
  • Move the element to a different place. To do this, just hover over the checkbox field click and hold the six-dots icon  and drag it where needed, then release the button.
  • Duplicate the element by clicking copy icon  right next to the Settings icon. A copy will appear below.
  • Remove the element from the worksheet by clicking trash icon .